Top 5 reasons to install your new pool during winter


1. No waiting!

The lead up to Christmas is the busiest time for the pool industry. Pool builders and partnering industries like landscapers & fencing companies all experience their busiest time leading into Christmas and this can result in delays. Often pool builders and landscapers are fully booked well in advance during the spring and summer period. If you wait until the weather warms up to start thinking about getting a new pool, you may experience long delays for installation. Installing in winter, your pool and all associated landscaping is much easier and quicker to coordinate and schedule so you will be relaxing in your pool when the weather warns up.



2. Best Price!

Spring is when the weather warms up and so do pool sales. Pricing is at its best in winter. Suppliers come on board with great discounts and incentives and these awesome deals are passed on to our customers. Although there are many benefits to installing in winter, the fact that you can potentially save thousands of dollars is one of the best incentives by far.



3. You’ll be ready!

Wouldn’t you like to be swimming on the first days of summer? If you wait until the weather warms up to plan your new pool you have already missed some great swimming time. You could be entertaining and relaxing poolside as soon as the warm weather comes back around if you get started NOW.



4. Your Garden will love you for it!

Installing a pool, especially a Fresh Water Pool any time of year will have some impact on the surrounding landscape. Installing a pool typically involves heavy machinery and this will naturally cause some disturbance of your backyard. Installing a pool in winter allows time to regrow your grass and vegetation around your pool area ready for summer. A winter install gives your garden time to recover and with spring being the ideal time for planting you can really have your pool area looking fabulous and set up to entertain.



5. Water views year round!

A pool is not just for swimming, it is also a beautiful feature whatever the season. With the addition of quality pool lights such as those from Spa Electrics, water features, deck jets or even a matching fire pit, your pool can give your home a resort feel year round.


Installing a new pool or spa during winter will allow you plenty of time to organise all the necessary things from building permits to installation and to familiarise yourself with your new pool so you can maximise your investment during the summer period. In addition to this, consider the benefits of installing a Fresh Water System on your pool like the Naked Sanitiser. These systems are not only healthier to swim in, delivery crystal clear water to make your pool look amazing, they are better for the environment, your garden, pool surrounds and typically half the cost to run than traditional chlorine or salt sanitisers.