Naked Pools are passionate about innovation, service and the total experience that having a pool brings to a family. Our primary focus is the experience and benefits our customers enjoy swimming in a fresh water pool.

A healthier lifestyle choice for your family

Perfect for asthmatics, psoriasis and eczema

Up to 60% savings on running costs

Backwash to your garden without dilution

Longer lasting equipment and pool surrounds

No need to wash swimwear or shower after use

Far less maintenance than traditional systems

No red eyes or irritated skin

Lowest levels of TDS delivers crystal clear fresh water

Freshwater systems have become increasingly popular as consumers are understanding the health benefits and better alternatives to chlorine, salt or mineral based systems.

asthma    Asthma & Allergies


If eczema, dermatitis, itchy skin, asthma or skin rashes are a problem at your home, contact us to discuss a fresh water alternative that is making a huge impact in the industry. We invite you to explore the difference you can make to your swimming experience and take the first steps to a healthier lifestyle for your family and friends.

tap water       Water comparable to your household tap!


Australia has some of the best quality tap water in the world. Although our water comes from natural resources, catchments and mountains, it still requires filtration and additives to ensure it remains fresh and bacteria free when used at home.

We all know that chlorine is one of the main additives in our domestic water. In nearly all cases, the amount is so small that you are not able to smell or taste it. The same applies for a Naked Pool.

yoga, healthy living, pool, natural
natural spring

The Naked System is scientifically engineered to as closely as possible resemble the balance of a fresh water stream, making it the healthiest option for pool sanitisation.

water droplet   Rejuvenating & Refreshing

Different to traditional pool and spa systems that rely on high levels of chlorine to sanitise the pool water, the Naked System utilises nature’s natural minerals such as copper and silver.

Algae cannot grow in a copper environment, while silver has purifying qualities, and these minerals remain in the pool to constantly sanitise your water.

With extremely low amounts of salt and the minerals present, the water in a Naked Pool has a soft and rejuvenating feel, best described as swimming in a fresh water stream.

And there is no need to shower or rinse your swimwear after use!