Rejuvenating and Refreshing

With extremely low amounts of salt and minerals present, the water in a Naked Pool has a soft and rejuvenating feel, best described as swimming in a fresh water stream. And there is no need to rinse the skin or your swimwear after use!

If you are used to swimming in either chlorine or salt chlorinated (chlorine) pools, you will likely notice either a slight irritation, small or residue on your skin afterwards. Most people will then have a shower to rinse their skin. In a pool with the Naked system, when you hop out of your pool or spa, you will feel exactly the same as you have just had a shower. In fact, why not have a dip in your pool before heading off to work each day. We think its time better spent than in your bathroom!

The Naked Fresh Water System uses an alternative to salt, being natures minerals such as copper and silver. As the ancient greeks discovered, algae would not grow in copper, and silver had purifying qualities in the water. These minerals remain in the water to constantly sanitise your pool as well as give you that rejuvenating feeling during swimming.

Combined with an oxidiser that destroys any phosphates generated from bather load and garden surrounds, the hybrid solution is a constant sanitiser that requires much less running time and the need for additional chemicals unlike many others in the market.

The end result is up to 70 percent less salt/mineral levels than its rivals, resulting in record low levels of chlorine produced. (No more than what you drink from a tap or shower in every day). So not only is your water healthier and crystal clear, your equipment and pool surrounds will last much longer due to the freshness of the water. Even your garden will love it!