Healthy Lifestyle Choice

Taking into account one in three Australians have some kind of skin condition (psoriasis, eczema, or dermatitis) the less chlorine present in the water the less irritable the skin will be and the more healthy the water to swim in.

For many kids, the smell of a chlorine pool triggers immediate sensations of joy because it means that soon they’ll be one with water, swimming and splashing and having a whole lot of fun. But, those tell tale fumes could also potentially trigger a whole lot more, like asthma.

A 2006 Belgian study showed that use of indoor chlorine pools, especially by children younger than seven, promotes the development of childhood asthma. More disturbing still, the researchers found that the kids who swam most frequently had proteins associated with increased risk of asthma at levels similar to those found in regular smokers.

Chlorine Itch is a common problem for people with skin allergies who swim in chlorinated pools.  We have noticed people searching on Google for information about “chlorine rash symptoms”, “swimmers chlorine rash”,  or “chlorine rash treatment”.

Unfortunately there seem to be several different causes of allergies and what people commonly call chlorine itch.  In many cases the itch or burn is caused by chlorine.  But, in some cases the cause of the itching can be something else, such as microorganisms that live in a spa or swimming pool.

A Healthy Alternative

A Naked Pool System is a healthy option by providing mineral based water that is crystal clear and no different to the water used domestically for drinking or showering. The levels of chlorine are extremely low, so much so that you cannot smell it, taste it or feel it. It is best described as “swimming in a fresh water stream”.

Not only is it less harmful to your family and friends, it is far better for the environment. With no nasty byproducts like traditional systems, you can backwash your pool water straight to your garden. Your pool surrounds and interior of the pool will be far better off and last longer and you will have no more staining on your glass fencing. 

If you have trouble swimming in chlorine or salt (chlorine) chlorinated pools, a Naked Fresh Water System may just be the answer for you.