This is far from the truth. Many years ago, ionisers were used by themselves and after heavy bather load (hot weather) it was found chlorine may need to be added to shock the pool. However, with the Hybrid system of NKD1 by utilising ionisation + oxidisation this is not an issue at all. In fact, Copper/Silver ionisation is IDEAL for hot weather. It is not effected by heat or the sun like chlorine. So you do not need to add ALL those different chemicals such as stabiliser, bromine, flocculants, etc to try and protect chlorine in the water.

Very hard to answer, however the only time you would replace the salt or minerals is when dilution occurs from heavy rainfall. The unit notifies you when the levels have dropped below the required level. As the system runs at very low TDS, it would be extremely rare for you to have to add more salt after the initial startup of your pool.

YES. The system is designed to work on very low levels of pool salt or mineral salts such as magnesium and others.

The pump will run in TIMER 1 for 5 hours for sanitisation every day and then have a rest for 1 hour with a further 2 hours in TIMER 2 purely for circulation (the Cell and the Ioniser are not working) in TIMER 2. The unit has a WINTER MODE function whereby the output of the cell reduces by 50% during the colder months and this should be pressed again once the weather becomes warmer to return to 100%. If the pool is not heated and you are not using the pool, the pump running hours can be reduced by selecting SINGLE TIMER so the pump run time is reduced. It is important to remember to set it back to DUAL TIMER in the warmer months to get adequate circulation. If the pool is heated and you intend using the pool all year, then simply leave it as it is, to ensure everything runs smoothly and the water remains crystal clear.

The pool would have to seriously neglected in order for you to be adding chlorine, however this could happen and it would be noticeable if the water was going cloudy. An example of this would be bather loads increasing and the system was not running whilst people are in the pool. Unlike other systems, we have an OXI BOOST function, which caters for higher bather loads and when pressed this continually oxidizes the water and when finished, returns to the AUTO setting and the system returns to its normal operating parameters. So in short, you should never need to add chlorine to a well maintained Naked Pool.

A common question asked by a lot of customers. An important point to make note of is that most acid dosing is done through probes in the water. If they are not calibrated and serviced regularly then the readings can become distorted and inaccurate. The NKD1 System pH bounce is far less than a salt/mineral system as we are not producing high levels of chlorine. When relying on high levels of chlorine as the residual in the water the pH will increase faster (chlorine is approx. 10 on the pH scale) so naturally this will increase the pH and therefore increase your acid demand. Our customers experience 50-60% decrease in acid usage as a result of our product and are happy to manually add this to the water. However, if you would prefer to purchase an external acid dosing system that is fine too, as the system can be configured as you require to handle this, like most other sanitisers available today. More automation, including dosing, WiFi and other integrations are already planned in future releases.

We are the latest and most technological Fresh Water System available today. Fully digital, customised and automated to your pool with no manual interaction. The unit comes standard with DUAL timers allowing you to maximise the full potential of timer settings for your pump ensuring huge energy cost savings. The features of the NKD1 System are unmatched and can be referred to from our manual on pages 18-20.

All trouble shooting is handled directly by Naked Pools and should a fault occur, the system alerts you to notify us with our contact details. However, if on-site assistance is needed we have certified, leading technicians across the country able to come on-site and service your unit.

The cost of the ION rods are $350 inc gst delivered to your door. These typically need replacing between 2-4 years depending upon the size and environment of the pool.
The replacement of the OXI Cell plates are $500 inc gst. Again, depending upon size and environment, these will last between 5-7 years.

Yes, and we are one of the only companies that is honest with our customers, letting them know we do produce chlorine as a by-product of oxidisation. You will not taste, feel or smell the chlorine; this process is used to oxidize the water (break down organic matter, dust, dirt, oils and body fats etc). The difference is we do not hold the chlorine residual in the water (no stabiliser or clarifiers needed) and when a chlorine test is done you will more than likely get a reading of zero. The residual in the water we rely on is the copper 0.2-0.4ppm, similar to drinking water at home.

Minerals or salt are only needed at the time you start and balance your pool, we need 800ppm TDS in order to be conductive and fully operational. The only time you will need to add further salt or minerals is if the water is diluted from either splash out or heavy rainfall. For a 40,000L pool you will need normal water balance (pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness). For this size pool we require approximately one bag of 20kg salt or the equivalent in minerals depending of what you choose to use.

The consumables are the ION (copper and silver) rods and will need replacing approximately every 3-4 years. The OXI cell will last at least 5-7 years. Ongoing you should monitor your pH on a regular basis and dosing will be required like any other swimming pool. Please note acid usage is always high in new pools until the surface settles to its environment.

That is the NUMBER 1 thing customers say to us after installing and swimming in a Freshwater Pool! For those that have had swimming pools in the past, either chlorine or salt, they cannot believe the difference in water quality and how soft the water feels while swimming. Another common feedback is how easy the system is to install and maintain and the fact they don’t have to run to the pool shop every second week to purchase additional chemicals such as stabiliser and blockout to maintain their pool.

“Dissolved solids” refer to any minerals, salts, metals, cations or anions dissolved in water.

Total dissolved solids (TDS) comprise inorganic salts (principally calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, bicarbonates, chlorides, and sulfates) and some small amounts of organic matter that are dissolved in water.

TDS is important for swimming pools as to how clean and safe the water will be. For example, a typical salt or mineral pool will run anywhere between 2500ppm up to or above 4000ppm. A Naked Pool runs as low as 800ppm. This lowest level provides Crystal Clear, Fresh Water.

Copper levels are maintained between 0.2ppm – 0.4ppm. A copper test kit is provided with every unit and we recommend testing copper levels every 1-2 weeks.

Like every system there are ongoing costs for maintaining a healthy pool. The silver and copper rods in the system do wear as water passes over them and the minerals are released into the water. On a standard, well-balanced swimming pool, these are expected to last between 2-3 years and are easily ordered and replaced by the pool owner. However, the ongoing ownership of an NKD1 System is much lower than traditional systems due to the reduction in chemicals, power savings and the longevity of your pool equipment and surrounds.

Absolutely. The clever engineering of the NKD1 System can be retrofitted to any existing pool and spa.

Nearly 30 years ago, Ionisation was very popular for pool sanitisation. However it was not well controlled and if an owner didn’t understand their system, they could run it for too long putting too much copper in the water. Today, in particular the latest technology in the NKD1 Sanitiser, the system is programmed to the size of your pool to ensure the right levels of minerals are maintained and can easily be measured using the simple to use digital interface on the control unit.

This is not required for domestic swimming pools. Our NKD1 System will adequately sanitise a standalone spa and up to a 150,000-litre swimming pool. For larger or commercial pools, please contact us directly.

Yes. Although we often find that due to such low levels of chlorine in our water, pool shops will often say there is none at all and ask you to manually dose or add many bags of salt to your pool. This is not the case. To overcome this misconception, we provide a card and instructions for you to give your pool shop to adequately test your water.

Here are some of the things we advise to pool shops that you don’t need for a freshwater pool.

  • Do not use Stabiliser
  • Do not user any bromine compounds
  • Do not use aluminium based or any other flocculants
  • Do not use Soda Ash (Sodium Carbonate)
  • Do not use Granular Chlorine
  • Do not use forms of Zeolite filtration media

Yes. Even natural streams require balancing and do this through nature’s landscape. Standard water balance for Total Alkalinity and PH is required on a regular basis. We also supply a Copper Test Kit. As your Naked Pool is extremely low in TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) and does not require additional chemicals such as Stabiliser or Blockout, water balance is much easier to maintain.

Below are some good guidelines when testing your water:

Concrete Swimming Pools:
Alkalinity – 80-150ppm
Calcium Hardness – 250-300ppm
Copper Level – 0.2-0.4ppm
pH – 7.4-7.6

Fibreglass/Vinyl Pools:
Alkalinity – 80-120ppm
Calcium Hardness – 150-190ppm
Copper Level – 0.2-0.4ppm
pH – 7.0-7.2

There are three major components required for a healthy freshwater pool. These are the pool pump, filter and the sanitisation system. Naked Pools supplies the NKD1 System to sanitise your water, along with a water copper test kit. You are then able to connect this to any fixed or variable speed pump, and with the NKD1 flexible timer control, this will ensure adequate water filtration, sanitisation and circulation times.

Either a sand, glass or cartridge filter system is also necessary, however PLEASE NOTE – DO NOT USE FORMS OF ZEOLITE/ZELBRITE FILTRATION MEDIA AS THIS REMOVES THE COPPER FROM THE WATER.

The NKD1 Fresh Water System is fully certified along with the NKD-2 Copper Mineral Anodes that are registered with the APVMA under Product Number 83498. Naked Pools Pty Ltd is a certified SPASA industry member.

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