about naked pools

We are passionate about water quality

Naked Pools is passionate about innovation, service and the total customer experience . We are setting a new benchmark for water quality in the swimming pool and spa industry, while delivering a product that is simple to use, has lower running costs and easy to maintain all year round.


We are great for the environment

Our state of the art hybrid system utilises nature’s natural minerals and oxidization to provide your pool with a true eco-friendly solution. Customised to your pool with variable timer control allows the NKD1 System to cater for any pool configuration, returning huge ongoing energy savings. With TDS (total dissolved solids) levels up to 70% less than its rivals, your NAKED water can be backwashed to your garden without any dilution, and the plants will love it too.

Our focus is your experience

Our primary focus is the experience our customers will enjoy swimming in a fresh water pool. As well as the water being crystal clear, with no more chemicals than your average tap water, the pool water has a much softer feel on the skin. A feeling to leave you refreshed and rejuvenated with no residue on the skin and no need to shower after swimming or bathing. 

Our goal is to work with our industry

With more than 40 years combined experience of manufacturing, distribution and service in the swimming pool industry, Naked Pools is a certified SPASA member and will embrace key industry partners to move our industry forward into the future. We work and support key builders and distributors to offer new technologies that will offer more variety and greater benefits to their end customers.

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Have you been diagnosed with a chlorine allergy? If so, are you finding it impossible to swim in a pool without having a severe skin reaction? Naked Pools has solved this frustrating problem by providing a solution to traditional chlorinated pools.

The partners of Naked Pools have a combined 40 years experience in the manufacture, supply and support of swimming pool systems. We know how abrasive chlorine can be to people with serious skin allergies and, as such, we’re proudly offering a product that serves as a safer alternative to chlorinated pools. Reach out to us to find out more!

Tired of always developing a skin reaction to chlorine?

How often do you go for a swim in a pool only to develop an uncomfortable itch or burn on your skin afterwards? This sensation can be difficult to alleviate with soap and water and it might even deter you from swimming in pools ever again. In fact, a “swimmer’s rash” is real condition which is caused by chlorine, a harsh sanitisation chemical found in most pools today.

Chlorine is extremely difficult to remove because it bonds to skin and hair and can only be removed with specialised products. For someone who enjoys swimming and simply can’t make it to the beach regularly, this can be frustrating. That’s why Naked Pools has worked on finding a solution, so that everyone can enjoy swimming pools without fear of a chlorine rash.

How Naked Pools helps you avoid chlorine rash

Naked Pools uses the NKD1 Fresh Water System to produce freshwater for all swimming pools.  This technology uses silver and copper anodes to release ions into the water which purify it. The resulting oxidation ensures that the water is constantly sanitised. This is the most eco-friendly solution and the healthiest way to maintain a pool.

Not only are you benefitting from a health standpoint, but the NKD1 System also reduces overall costs and maintenance needs with time. Chlorine dries out plants and landscapes, erodes pool equipment and also wears down swimwear with time.

This impacts the environment significantly and causes you to pay large sums to replace expensive parts or buy swimwear on an on-going basis. Our freshwater system eliminates all of these problems, making it the best option in terms of pool water.

We offer our clients a 3 year warranty because we believe in our system and know that it works. Whether you are looking to fit an old pool or a new one, we can install our system with no issues. Our system also works on pools of all types, whether they are tiled, concrete, vinyl or fibreglass.

Want more information about chlorine allergy? We’re here to help!

If you’re looking to find out more about Naked Pools, how we can help with chlorine rashes or how we can install a freshwater pool system in your current pool, we will be happy to help. Reach out to use here anytime and we will assist you.

Don’t suffer with another chlorine rash ever again. Give Naked Pools a try and find out how you can improve your skin, and your life, as a result!

Naked Pools is Australia’s best freshwater swimming pool company. We specialise in fresh water pool filtration systems, natural swimming pools and chemical free swimming pools. Browse our website or call us to learn more.

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